Our Services


Health & Lifestyle Consultation

Together we will identify your specific health goals and develop a program tailored to you.  Combine healthy habits, meal planning, and other personalized recommendations to create your wellness guide.


Postural Alignment Training

Our integrative system supports you to relieve and eliminate your pain naturally, once and for all.  With your personalized alignment program you will retrain your body to move with ease. Enhance physical performance, balance & coordination to prevent future injury. 


Relaxation & Stress Management Sessions

Slow down. Breathe. Relax. 

Allow your body to heal itself.

Through guided meditation, breathwork and self-hypnosis you will learn to regulate your nervous system and build resiliency.


In-Home Private Yoga Instruction

Bring the peace and serenity of the yoga studio into your home. Allow your attention to be fully present in the moment as you are guided through a comprehensive yoga practice to specifically support you. With the combination of breath and mindful movement you will release tension and enhance overall well-being. 

Private and small group sessions available. 


Dr. Kim is not a licensed naturopathic physician. Florida, her state of residence, has not issued licenses to NDs since 1959. Given her educational training, she works as a natural health consultant. Her current certifications as a: Postural Alignment Specialist, Personal Trainer and Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher, provider her a unique ability to offer individualized lifestyle recommendations.