Kim Vaccaro


Nutrition & Lifestyle Consultant

Postural Alignment Specialist

Stress Management & Relaxation Coach


Kim is a lifestyle medicine expert. She studied at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine where she earned her Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine degree. She is a certified Postural Alignment Specialist, Personal Trainer and a Registered Yoga Teacher. Kim’s philosophy of wellness, through lifestyle balance can be summarized into three words: 

Move. Nourish. Recover. 

Her passion for holistic wellness was sparked during her undergraduate studies in Psychology at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Kim began experiencing symptoms of depression. When conventional treatments left her with negative side effects, she sought other answers. Fortunately, her academic work revealed to her the therapeutic benefits of exercise: increased energy, mood, and self-confidence. These were the very symptoms pharmaceuticals had failed to support. She began drawing connections. At the same time, Kim realized that the standard “cafeteria and fast food” collegiate diet that was slowing her efforts in the gym, may have been contributing to her mental health challenges. She began with small, simple changes: increasing vegetable and water intake, adding dietary sources of omega-3 fats and antioxidants, while beginning to eliminate added sugars and trans-fats. The benefits were so powerful that friends and family began asking for advice. 

Eager to empower others with the healing ability of exercise and whole-food nutrition, she served as adjunct faculty and Coordinator of the Wellness, Fitness, and Recreation department at the College of Southern Maryland. 

Called to deepen her understanding of the human body, she relocated to sun-shiny Arizona to complete her medical degree. There she focused clinical experience in “nature cure” modalities: mind-body, botanical medicine, hydrotherapy and nutrition.  Additionally, it was during this time that her reverence for inner healing and spiritual connection blossomed. While applying biofeedback and holistic counseling modalities in clinic, she was diving deep into her personal yoga and meditation practices at home. Self-care became the hallmark of her personal and professional perspectives. Connecting daily practices with the physiological and energetic effects is lifestyle medicine. 

Her passion for supporting people to heal themselves led Kim to the world-renowned Hippocrates Health Institute, where she served as co-founder of the Weight Loss and Fitness Academy. Kim is excited to share these proven techniques with the Palm Beach County community and looks forward to supporting you to embrace a lifestyle that allows you to thrive, physically and mentally.  It really is as simple as: 

Move. Nourish. Recover. 

On weekends, when she isn’t at the beach or riding bikes with her partner, you will find Kim in her botanical medicine workshop, preparing healing remedies and plant-based health foods. 

Holistic Client-Centered Care

Drug-Free Pain Relief

Our bodies are quite adept at repairing themselves. We use methods that enhance that natural ability, safely and effectively.  With modalities like postural alignment, body awareness training and hydrotherapy, you are able to restore function and eliminate pain, at the source. 

Clean Nutrition

We believe that restoring health begins with Removing the Obstacle to Cure. Eliminating manufactured ingredients and pesticides reduces theharmful substances entering our bodies. Replacing them with cleaner, more organically grown food and natural plant remedies aids the body in healing itself and preventing future disease. 


Meditation, breathwork, and restorative yoga are the internal "Fountain of Youth." Our ability to relax is directly related to our ability to heal. By strengthening this "Rest and Digest" system, also called, "Vagal Tone," relaxation training focuses not only on physical health, but wellness of the mind and emotions. 

User Disclosure

Dr. Kim is not a licensed naturopathic physician. Florida, her state of residence, has not issued licenses to NDs since 1959. Given her educational training, she works as a natural health consultant. Her current certifications as a: Postural Alignment Specialist, Personal Trainer and Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher, provider her a unique ability to offer individualized lifestyle recommendations.